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Email: schooloffice@oakbank.beds.sch.uk

Our School

Mission Statement

Oak Bank works with pupils who have Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs. Our aim is to provide each of our pupils with an Education for Life, by valuing and respecting them as individuals, developing their self esteem and encouraging their individual abilities to their full potential in a caring, orderly environment.


Oak Bank is recognised through its leading edge approach to the education of its pupils as a benchmark of effectiveness and efficiency in respect of the added value it provides through a therapeutic approach to the personal development and learning achievement of all its pupils. That benchmark status is confirmed by an ‘outstanding’ rating from Ofsted and frequent requests for outreach support from other schools and educational bodies.

Core Values

This level of performance is achieved by a way of working that is driven by the six core values of Oak Bank School. These values are:

Pupils: We value, respect, nurture, challenge and develop every individual in a way that reflects their personal educational, behavioural, emotional and social needs.

Colleagues: We trust, learn from, respect, inspire and support each other in a framework of open communication, involvement and recognition.

Parents / Carers: We recognise that parents and carers are our partners in the education of their children and we actively communicate with them and value their views and support.

Partners: We work openly and enthusiastically with our partners to improve the performance of our school and our contribution to the wider community.

Environment: We provide a safe, warm and caring environment which is well maintained and equipped to meet the needs of the evolving curriculum to allow pupils and staff the opportunity to progress to the best of their ability.

Continuous Improvement: We measure ourselves against the highest standards. We pursue excellence through ongoing professional development, creativity, innovation and the willingness to use cutting edge approaches.

Oak Bank School