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School Opening Plans: 23rd March 2020


School Opening Plans: 23rd March 2020

We are working with a greatly reduced workforce, as a result of self-isolating and / or staff falling into the at risk categories, we are under considerable strain and stress on a daily basis. Our staffing situation is likely to be made more complicated by the necessity for some staff to manage arrangements for their own children whose schools are closed.

Our current plan is to maintain weekly contact with every pupil that attends the school; whilst at

the same time providing distance learning for all pupils.

We will be open for shortened days during the week and year groups will attend on different day (see picture). Our Yr.11 pupils will attend every day and allow us to assist transition to colleges, sixth form and employment. They will also be able to complete online examinations in controlled settings. Our Key Stage 5 pupils will continue with their programmes of study assuming external providers remain open.

We plan to operate like this from Monday 23rd March until Friday 3rd April. The school will not be open over the Easter period as essential maintenance and site security works are scheduled over that period. The effectiveness of this way of operating will be assessed, and adapted as necessary, over the two week period. Staffing and pupil numbers may lead to an increase or decrease in the provision.

We aim to provide as long a term view as possible, as early as possible. We will continue in our regular communication to parents / carers over the next two weeks. We will plan with Local Authorities and staff, via distance isolation as advised by the Government, for a reopening of a normal school day on Tuesday 21st April after the Easter break. We will always aim towards a full provision for our young people but all planning is subject to change as the situation Nationally continues to change.

The DfE guidance outlines that, ‘schools, and all childcare providers… continue to provide care for a limited number of children – children who are vulnerable, and children whose parents are critical to the Covid-19 response and cannot be safely cared for at home’. We would ask that parents consult their employers to confirm whether their role in employment is crucial to the COVID-19 response. Please contact pcohen@oakbank.beds.sch.uk if you feel to be in this position.

All pupils on roll at Oak Bank have educational health care plans and fall into all identified categories considered ‘vulnerable’. Safeguarding is paramount and we will ensure that communication between staff and homes is regular, structured and supportive, particularly in cases where pupils do not have other key services currently supporting. There is agreement with other special school leaders, that the needs of vulnerable groups will be greater in a few weeks from now and we need to be prepared for this.

The Government may make further announcements that will alter these plans but in the meantime our short term plans rely on the following assumptions;

  • Staff availability
  • Local authorities ability to support the revised transport timings
  • Availability of site maintenance staff e.g. kitchen staff, cleaners etc.
  • Availability of food

During the adaptive way of working, Oak Bank will:

  1. Have communication with all pupils and their families regarding structures and wellbeing
  2. Arrange for visits with food to the families deemed most vulnerable.
  3. Restock cleaning materials.
  4. Conduct a deep clean
  5. Restock medical and site supplies
  6. Plan and asses work with pupils, Monday to Friday.
  7. Work with Local Authorities to structure aid and facilities for all pupils deemed at the highest risk.
  8. Allow vulnerable staff time to isolate.
  9. Keep a consistent support to all stakeholders.



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