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Warhammer World Reward Trip


Warhammer World Reward Trip

Five pupils travelled to Nottingham on Tuesday to enjoy a day filled with fun, excitement and games.

Warhammer is run as a daily activity in our enrichment program and is popular across all year groups.

As well as being a challenging and exciting table top war game, Warhammer utilises numeracy and literacy as well as artistic and model making skills.

It’s a long journey up the M1 from school but pupils were rewarded with Dwarven burgers, a free tour around the Games Workshop exhibition hall and ¬†finished off the day with a huge game of Warhammer 40’000 (Which drew some very positive attention from the other gamers there)

A great day out for all involved. (Miss Scott did almost get eaten by an Urak Hai from Lord Of The Rings though)

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