Our Staff

Staff List 2022-2023


Senior Leadership Team


Peter Cohen

Executive Head

Philip Collier

Head Teacher

Rachael Freer

Deputy Head

Samantha Bowen

Deputy Head

Samantha Clayton

Assistant Head/Head of 6th Form, Post 16, External Provision and Voc. Ed


Extended Leadership Team


Stephanie Carty

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Evans

Site Manager  

Martine Phillips

Head of CEIAG and Qualifications

Jan Redding

Outreach & Strategy Lead

Christine Longfils

Senior Teacher/Head of English

Victoria Doughty

Senior Teacher/SENCo


Teaching Staff


Mohammad Amir

Vicki Kemp

Steve Ball

Brian Lalor

Paul Batchelor

Anna Larkins

Edward Berko

Laura Laverty

Catherine Billingham

Angelo Lazzara

Pete Blaxley

Kayleigh Neale

Steven Brinkman

Chris Polley

Hayley Brooks-Lampard

Lisa Record

David Chapman

Muhammad Shah

Hayley Chewter

Nick Sheldon

Katie Draper

Jamie Stead

Liz Goldney

David Trendell

Stephen Heavisides

Charlie Warby

Claire Kelly


Teaching Assistants


Amanda Aleong

Bailey Hearne

Azim Begum

Sacha Hitchman

Michelle Billington

Charmaine Isley

Donna Cole

Daniel Jenkins

Amber Cootes

Maia Johnson

Laura Coppin

Lisa Kearney

Kirsty Cristofoli

Delia King

Michael Davis

Kaydia Lister-Seaton

Sophie Day

Sarah McLynn

Kimberley DeNoronha

Mike Parkes

Sarah Dias

Johanna Sach

Melania Dobroaia

Abigail Sheppard

Conor Drosihn

Chiler Spackman

Carly Dyer

Jackie Turner

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Matthew Wainer

Samantha George

Morgan Winter


Home Tutor/External Staff


Lisa Baker

Home School Tutor

Tamara Gordon

Home School Tutor

Terri Smith

Home School Tutor

Linda Callaghan

External Provision Support

Sarah Drake-Hammond

External Provision Support


Behaviour Support Team


Rachael Pirotta

Operational Behaviour Lead

Wesley Nottingham  

Lead House Behaviour Support Worker

Curtis Cutler

Behaviour Support Worker

Sam Hubbard

Behaviour Support Worker

Shaun Nottingham

Behaviour Support Worker

Samantha Tansley

Behaviour Support Worker

Abbi-Louise Halfpenny

Behaviour Support Worker

Katherine Feander

Lead KS2 Behaviour Support Worker

Lisa Downing

KS2 Behaviour Support Worker

Hannah Sweeney

KS2 Behaviour Support Worker





Amanda Taylor

External Provision, CEIAG, Post 16, and Exams Coordinator

Nikki Beaney

Office Administrator

Susie Bigrave

Finance Assistant

Lynette Grogan

Human Resources Manager

Michael Gurney

ICT Technician

Dave Marden

ICT Technician

Terena Connolly

Kitchen Manager

Marion Kilner

Kitchen Assistant

Julie Drosihn

Office Administrator

Diane Rankin

Office Administrator


Safeguarding and Student Support Team


Hayley Blount

Safeguarding Lead Professional

Rory Day

Deputy Safeguarding Officer

Heather Ellams

Intervention Coordinator

Jacqui Sewell

Intervention Coordinator

Olivia Goldney

Autism Support Worker

Leanne Cresswell

Family Engagement Officer

Ian Ball

Well-being Mentor

Amy Knight

Well-being Mentor

Stephen McConnell

Pastoral Manager & Enrighment Lead

Dr. Faye Bellanca

Clinical Psychologist




Lewis May

Site Supervisor  

Kodone Blount


Alisha Coull


Kyle Cutler


Mandy Harris


Chad Killoran


Felicity Wren


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