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Social, Emotional & Learning Skills Tracking

Social, Emotional and Learning Skills (SEL) help young people and adults to thrive personally and academically.  SEL is paramount to developing and maintaining positive relationships and it is an integral part of SEMH school life. Our bespoke SEL tracking provides individual baselines at point of entry to the school and through a termly holistic assessment. Trend profiles can show the value added over a pupil’s time on roll at multiple depths of analysis.

The SEL dashboard presents profiles in a pupil accesible way. Data can be visual or statisical, brief or deep dive depending on the level required. Our approach contributes to the OKR goal setting, key worker conversations and can suggest timely and appropriate support.

Oak Bank’s core purpose is to provide ‘Education for Life’. With strong SEL skills pupils can develop into lifelong learners. They are better able to form healthy relationships and maintain their own mental health and wellbeing. They can become inquisitive young adults that are unafraid of uncertainty and challenge and can contribute positively to their families and communities. 

Our tracking covers key areas such as ‘Readiness for Learning (Growth Mindset)’, ‘Resilience’, ‘Emotional Regulation’ and ‘Peer Interaction’.

Should you wish to know more about the implementation and impact of our Social, Emotional and Learning Skills Tracking, please get in touch

Oak Bank School are not alone in our research driven approach to creating
positive change. However, we are always keen to share and collaborate to
improve what we do for our Oak Bank Family.

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