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Objectives: Key Results (OKRs) Target Setting

The OKRs process at Oak Bank School supports a ‘growth mindset’ approach to improving Social, Emotional and Learning skills. 

What are OKRs?
Objectives and Key Results, or what is known as OKRs at Oak Bank School is our goal-setting  and critical thinking framework. This approach to target setting has replaced SMART Goals and has proven to be of increased benefit within our setting. When ambitious objectives have realistic and focused initiatives we can create real change. Key results are reflected upon and initiatives recalibrated through shared pupil and key worker conversation. 

With this approach, staff and pupils agree what will make a real difference. The constant resetting of SMART goals in their entirety is avoided and initiatives are reviewed constructively rather than becoming a reinforcement of failure. 

What are Objectives?
An Objective defines your goal. It should set a clear direction to a point in the future. What is the desired outcome over the appropriate timeframe?

What are Key Results?
Key Results are metrics with a target and are indicators that show you how you’re progressing towards your Objective. Think of them as milestones or like waypoints on a GPS device leading you to your destination.

What are Initiatives?
Initiatives are the things you need to do to influence your Key Results and are things you directly control.  Anything task-based in academic or social settings that you think will influence your Key Results can be tracked as an Initiative.

Should you wish to know more about the implementation and impact of our OKR goal setting and critical thinking framework please get in touch
Oak Bank School are not alone in our research driven approach to creating positive change. However, we are always keen to share and collaborate to improve what we do for our Oak Bank Family.

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