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We firmly believe in what ASDAN qualifications (PSHE, Careers, Key Steps, Personal Development, Personal Effectiveness plus a variety of vocational & core subject short courses) offer our pupils.

The project based style of learning, alongside the implementation of the ASPIRE values, supports staff in developing curriculums that are inclusive, help to inspire creativity, and break down some of the barriers our pupils have previously faced in their learning. The flexible and adaptable curriculum allows us to develop pupil confidence, self esteem and resilience. Staff aim to challenge and generate new understanding of information.

Staff understand the needs of the pupils and shape lessons to allow an enjoyment of learning to take place as well as supporting pupils to believe in themselves and understand the value of learning. We support pupils in becoming proactive and reflective educators.

Our aim is for all pupils actively involved in an ASDAN qualification to leave with an accredited outcome to support their preparation to live well and make good use of their abilities.


Within the core ASDAN offer (PSHE, Careers, Key Steps, Personal Development and Personal Social Effectiveness) pupils follow specific pathways where staff strive for the offer to be relevant and real, within classroom environments that allow pupils to feel comfortable and therefore allow for focus on learning:

Key Stage 2: Key Steps Award – During Year 5 and 6 pupils develop learning fundamentals and an enjoyment of learning. The Award covers aspects of PSHE, Citizenship, Community, Identity, Personal and Social Values, Finance, Health & Fitness, Environment and Internationalism.

Key Stage 3: Personal Development Award which builds on the fundamental skills developed during the Key Steps Award. Pupils then take part in specific lessons for Careers and PSHE to broaden their understanding and to start developing specialist skills they will require going into the world of work and being a 21st century Global Citizen.

Key Stage 4: Pupils follow the same pathway as above if they are on a GCSE Science pathway and if they are not instead of Personal Development they follow the GCSE equivalent qualification Personal Social Effectiveness. All pupils on both pathways continue to build on the specialist skills they started forming in KS3 and use these to support them thinking as an individual in what they would like to do with their future.


All pupils have portfolios for all their Awards / Qualifications they are involved in. These contain visible progress charts so they can see what they have achieved and what they can achieve next. Staff use up to date KPI to monitor progress and identify any interventions that may be required to support a pupil staying on track to pass the Award / Qualification.

The department alongside a long term curriculum map has a qualification entry sheet that allows staff to access data on pupil outcomes over previous and current years in all ASDAN Awards / Qualifications to support avoiding any unnecessary repetition in topics / projects. 

We work closely with the English department to support the reading and writing initiatives.ASDAN allows opportunities to do this in creative ways as these are key skills that are fundamental to developing employability opportunities.


ASDAN supports pupils developing new and existing skills(critical thinking, teamwork, use of ICT…) that can be used across all areas of the Oak Bank curriculum and beyond school also.

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