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Vocational Educational

Vocational Education is studied by all pupils at Oak Bank from KS2 to KS4.  The programme not only offers an alternative to traditional academic subjects but also allows pupils to learn key skills directly related to specific trades or crafts.  By developing skills that are specific to a trade or job role pupils can improve their employment prospects and get ahead in their chosen career.

‘In vocational subjects, pupils make excellent progress at the school and in their off-site provisions. Pupils spoken with were highly confident and valued the experience and skills gained. Many secure further training or employment in the subject they have studied, such as plastering, fish husbandry, music technology, sports and fitness and sports leadership.’ Ofsted 2019

The vocational subjects that are offered at Oak Bank are; construction, food technology, animal care, arts and crafts, horticulture and music.

The Programme

KS2Pupils will study all vocational subjects on a rotational basis.  This allows them to embed key skills in all areas and develop their interest and abilities.
KS3Pupils will study all vocational subjects on a rotational basis.  They will develop their skills and have the opportunity gain AQA awards in all areas.
KS4Pupils will opt for one or two vocational subjects and begin to study their subject to a higher level where they will have the opportunity to gain short courses, level 1 and level 2 qualifications in their chosen subjects.
EP ProgrammePupils in KS4 will have the opportunity to attend external providers for specific work related learning.  Here pupils can further develop their vocational skills in areas such as; plastering, catering, music production and motor mechanics.
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