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Strategic Vision

Our Vision

Oak Bank School is a Single Academy Trust that works with pupils who have Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs. Our strategic intent will ensure we are the high performing SEMH school of choice for the local community and bordering authorities. Our two ‘outstanding’ judgements from Ofsted acknowledge the breadth of support we provide for learning, social and emotional development and mental health.

Our Core Purpose; is to provide each of our pupils with an Education for Life, by valuing and respecting them as individuals, developing their SEMH and encouraging their individual abilities to their full potential in a caring, orderly environment.

 We believe a great school never stands still


At Oak Bank, we believe (Strategic Intent); 

  1. that pupils should be treated with dignity and respect and given equality of opportunity. 
  2. In raising pupils’ self-esteem by treating them in a positive way.
  3. that every pupil has the potential for growth, has positive qualities and has the right to outstanding education.
  4. that by having high expectations and aspirations, all our pupils can learn and achieve.
  5. We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of pupils and expect all those we work with to share in this commitment.

Our support for pupils, families and carers goes beyond academic learning (Local Impact)
Our Outreach support goes beyond neighbouring schools (Regional Impact) and
Our National Behaviour Hub lead school status ensures our collaborative work goes beyond our neighbouring authorities (National Impact)

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