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External Provision

The External Provision programme at Oak Bank school enables our pupils to access a broad range of learning opportunities off site through a variety of collaborative partnerships with Colleges, training providers and community interest groups.

Pupils are involved in educational experiences that support the core curriculum that they study whilst in school, their programmes are structured to meet personal learning needs and to ensure that pupils gain academically, personally and socially from attending their External Provision placements.

We have in excess of 80 External Provision placements per week ranging across Construction, Arts, Plastering, Photography, Bricklaying, Sports, Motor Vehicle Maintenance, Agriculture, Animal Sciences, Catering, Employability and Health and Wellbeing.

A clear purpose for a pupil placement at External Provision is identified that enables these opportunities to meet pupils personalised learning needs.  The engagement, achievement and progression of our pupils is evident in the range of qualifications and accreditations they gain through the External Provision programme. Pupils are given the opportunity to learn skills and trades that lead on to college placements, apprenticeships or work related pathways.

Ofsted Report 2015

“The school makes use of an extensive range of alternative provision. Providers include C and G Plastering Academy, Shuttleworth College and Bedford College”.

“Excellent partnership working with colleges and other providers help pupils gain high levels of work-related skills and qualifications”.

External Provision qualification outcomes

Angling for Success

Accredited Outcomes:
Gateway Level 1 Improving Own Learning and Performance. Gateway E3 Award in Progression. BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificate in Fish Husbandry.

Programme Description: Angling and environmental maintenance lessons delivered through practical and theory sessions relevant to pursuing a career in fish farming, sport fishery management and aquatics. To experience a range of taster units in different sector specific areas providing opportunities to test out abilities and personal preferences before selecting a chosen career or employment route.

Pupil Targets: To develop skills in the areas such as literacy, numeracy, ICT, employability, learning to learn and personal development. Increased engagement in education through alternative approaches to curriculum and learning. Test out a vocational areas to inform  career/employment choices.

Bryerley Springs Farm

Accredited Outcomes:
AQA Unit Awards in Equine Management and Horse Care.

Programme description: To learn to care for horses and participate in riding lessons. To be able to groom and prepare a horse for riding. To develop an understanding of how the trust that is developed with the horse can support social and emotional issues and help in handling other life situations.

Pupil Targets: To be able to observe and discuss the behaviour of horses, and better understand own behaviour and how this affects others.  To develop team-working skills,  overcome fears, manage emotions and anxiety and build confidence and self-esteem.

C & G Plastering Academy

Accredited Outcomes:
City and Guilds level 1 Award in Construction and Construction Skills Certification Scheme card.

Programme Description: Construction course in plastering, bricklaying and tiling. Leading to nationally recognised City & Guilds qualifications and CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) card. To learn construction skills and be prepared for the world of work and provide proof that they have the required training and qualifications for the type of work they do.

Develop Training

Accredited Outcomes:
Jamie Oliver Home Cooking skills L1. Ascentis Award in Health & Safety. Edexcel Parenting Award Level 1. BIIAB Level 1 Certificate in IT Use.

Programme Description: Engagement in a short course that leads to a National Recognised Qualification. To experience and learn through a personalised curriculum offer to prepare for adulthood. To have knowledge of life skills such as nutritional cooking, health and safety, first aid and ICT.

Edu Create

Accredited Outcomes:
Arts Award at Bronze, Silver and Gold Level.

Programme Description: To develop arts and leadership talents in a creative and accessible learning environment. To actively participate in an art form. To research the work of an artist that provides inspiration and pass on an arts skill to achieve a nationally recognised qualification.

Hockwell Ring

Accredited Outcomes:
AQA Unit Awards in Self Esteem and Boxing.

Programme description: To engage in a fitness programme that inspires positive changes that last a lifetime. To focus on increasing wellbeing, developing  physical, social and psychological capacities and be supported to feel good and function well.

Jam Rock Media

Accredited Outcomes:
AQA Unit Awards in Music and Media Technology.

Programme description: Music course in production, technology and radio presentation, leading to AQA Unit Awards in Music and Media.  To prepare for the world of work by working alongside tutors with real industry experience. To engage in work related opportunities and understand how to turn a passion for music in to a career.

Kik Start

Accredited Outcomes:
AQA Unit Awards in Health and Safety, Construction, Engineering and Motor Vehicle.

Programme Description: Motor Vehicle and Construction course working on maintenance of motor vehicles, motor bikes and machinery. Leading to AQA Unit Awards in Motor Vehicle, Engineering and Health and Safety through a practical approach to assessment. To learn skills in preparation for the world of work or further study using industry standard tools, equipment and materials.


Accredited Outcomes:
NCFE Level 1 Award in Employability. Amateur Boxing Awards, Preliminary and Standard.

Programme description: Employabilty programme leading to increased engagement in education and social inclusion with peers and external agencies.  Outcomes support confidence building, self-assessment, mentoring and work readiness which leads to a nationally recognised qualification in employment Skills.  To learn job application and interview skills.

Seeds Of Change

Accredited Outcomes:
City and Guilds in Equine Management E3 and L1, City and Guilds in Employabilty L1, Functional Skills In literacy and Numeracy, Foundation Programme in Equine Care.

Programme description: Equine Facilitated Learning working alongside horses to develop increased confidence, self-esteem and better communication skills. To achieve a nationally recognised City and Guilds qualification that enable self-awareness and increased knowledge about the cause and effects of behaviour. To work alongside a trained EFL Practitioner to learn to feel greater empathy for others and build trusting relationships. To develop a sound knowledge of environmental education and animal welfare.

Snoosh Performance Gym

Accredited Outcomes:
AQA Unit Awards in Health, Fitness and Wellbeing.

Programme description: Physical and emotional health, fitness and wellbeing sessions. To devise and follow a health and fitness programme, learning skills to positively improve  wellbeing and how to be active in daily life. To learn self-discipline and anger management techniques.

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