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Bike Maintenance

Bike Maintenance

Vocational Education


Oak Bank School


…..In vocational subjects such construction and bike maintenance, pupils are provided with a wealth of opportunities to gain direct skills for future employment. Pupils select and use tools safely and skilfully……….In bike maintenance, pupils can use highly technical vocabulary, demonstrating their prior knowledge and understanding effectively. Pupils are gaining in confidence and making excellent progress in these subjects……….

Ofsted report: Oak Bank School, 26–27 March 2019

Within Oak Banks’ VocEd provision, Bike Maintenance strives to deliver a broad and balanced progressive curriculum based chiefly on the AQA syllabus and tailored to ‘stage not age’ in the individual pupils’ development or requirements. Our pupils experience all aspects of bike upkeep, we go from a simple bike wash and lube up, a puncture repair right through to full bike strip down and rebuild with all aspects in between, safely practiced in our well-equipped workshop. Our ethos in bike maintenance is to focus on developing transferable tool use and skills acquired from across the VocEd departments and apply them to any given bike repair issue or problem. It is hoped that this approach will generate pupils to think and plan for future employment opportunities. We aspire to generate a growth mind-set sense of self-worth and pride in ones efforts and outcomes, promoting creativity, problem solving and collaborative work ethics.


Steve Fisher

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